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基于视频平台播放数据的研究分析 DCC Template Aberystwyth University nut z (new window)
What’s keeping registered nutritional therapists up at night? Using classic Glaserian grounded theory to explore the current concerns of registered nutritional therapists against a backdrop of change in the healthcare sector. DCC Template Other Penny Priestley (new window)
What is the state of development of Research Data Management in Irish Academic Institutions DCC Template Other Tiernan O'Sullivan (new window)
Very Smart Cancer RATs - Phase 1 DCC Template University of Leeds Ciarán McInerney (new window)
Vergleich der Kriminalität von London und New South Wales von 2001-2012 DMP University of Vienna Deutsch V2 Other Alexander Gallauner (new window)
Utilising tissue-on-a-chip technology as an ex vivo model of breast cancer metastatic colonisation MRC Template University of Manchester Rachel Eyre (new window)
Utilising Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modelling and Simulation for Precision Dosing in Cirrhotic Patients University of Manchester Generic Template University of Manchester Eman Elkhateeb (new window)
Understanding the health and social impact of 'Volunteering 4 all', a volunteering programme for out of work individuals. University of Manchester Generic Template University of Manchester Edward Stagg (new window)
UK and German International Criminal Co-operation – the Multi-jurisdictional and Federal Impact AHRC Data Management Plan Robert Gordon University Paul Arnell (new window)
Towards a semantic and syntactic search engine for electronic corpora of Greek and Latin University of Exeter University of Exeter William Short (new window)