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(if available)
Hartstichting (new window) (new window) Hartstichting (Dutch Heart Foundation) 07-11-2018
Health Research Board DMP Template (new window) (new window) Health Research Board (HRB) Ireland 04-09-2019 Health Research Board
HRB Open Research
Horizon 2020 DMP (new window) (new window) European Commission (Horizon 2020) 16-05-2019 Guidelines on FAIR data management ArchAIDE example from York
Analysis of the distribution of the population of Austria by altitude
Correlating LA Museum Visitors to Crimes in LA
MRC Template (new window) (new window) Medical Research Council (MRC) 16-05-2019 MRC data sharing webpage
Data Management Plan FAQ & guidance
Trypanosome Cell Processing example from University of Glasgow
NERC Template (new window) (new window) Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 22-05-2018
NSF - generic (new window) (new window) National Science Foundation (USA) 18-10-2018
Population Research Committee Template (new window) (new window) Cancer Research UK (CRUK) 18-10-2018
QNRF-QNL MoU Demo Template (new window) (new window) Qatar National Research Fund 18-05-2019 QNRF
SNSF DMP template (new window) (new window) Swiss National Science Foundation 12-07-2019
Standard CRUK Template (new window) (new window) Cancer Research UK (CRUK) 18-10-2018